Rosters for Sunday Afternoon on 28 Feb 2021

The afternoon session runs from approximately 2:00pm until the end of the day's competition. Please check the roster for the specific times you are required.

You must provide your full name, a phone number, and the Centre you are affiliated with to volunteer for a roster.

Please email for any changes to the roster.

Announcers & Rosters (Office) - 2:00pm-End of Day
AnnouncerKingswaySienna Patchett
Roster Manager - DirectorVolunteer
Roster Manager - DirectorVolunteer
Roster CheckerUWASimon Baldwin
Roster CheckerUWAFelicity Bunt
Call Room - 2:00pm-End of Day
Call Room Chief JudgeRidgewoodKelly Taylor (Matt Vine)
Call Room - Track (Male)HamersleyTina Gamberini (Sarah Bates)
Call Room - Track (Female)Eastern HillsJodie Grace
Call Room - Field (Male)JoondalupAstrid Stewart
Call Room - Field (Female)Volunteer
Escorts (Call Room) - 2:00pm-End of Day
Track EscortRidgewoodPaul/Louise Mann
Track EscortEastern HillsMelissa Foote
Track EscortEastern HillsJill Jarvis
Field EscortHamersleyYvette Whyte
Field EscortHamersleyRachel Klumpp
Field EscortUWACharlie Burns
Field Clash Officers - 2:00pm-End of Day
Chief Clash Officer - FieldKingswayAmanda Collins
Clash Officer (Oval)UWASheree Hart
Clash Officer (Oval)UWAMark Powell
Clash Officer (Oval)InglewoodAmanda Kaufman (Casey)
Clash Officer (Oval)HamersleyMatt Tindall
Track Clash Officers - 2:00pm-End of Day
Chief Clash Officer - TrackVolunteer
Clash Officer (Oval)KingswayAnne Timeyin
Clash Officer (Oval)Volunteer
Clash Officer (Oval)Volunteer
Clash Officer (Oval)Volunteer
Field Referee - 2:00pm-End of Day
Jumps RefereeKingswayPaul Arvidson
Jumps RefereeKingswayWayne Wan
Throws RefereeRidgewoodRachel Williams
Throws RefereeVolunteer
Long Jump 1 - 2:15pm-End of Day
Chief JudgeHamersleyNicole Samuels
Athlete Checker HamersleyBeck Bennett
MarkerInglewoodJason Andrews
RakeHamersleyPhilpott family
RecorderInglewoodRAYNER Family
Long Jump 2 - 2:15pm-End of Day
Chief JudgeRidgewoodKylie Hat6
Athlete Checker RidgewoodKristy Parkinson
MarkerUWANeb Milic
RakeHamersleyNgaere Hotker
RecorderUWAJennifer Chong Sue
Triple Jump 1 - 1:00pm-4:00pm
Chief JudgeRidgewoodVoyonne Hetaraka
Athlete Checker RidgewoodKatina Muncaster
MarkerUWABrett Harris
RakeEastern HillsLouise Castlehow
RecorderRidgewoodSandra Rothmaier
Triple Jump 2 - 1:00pm-4:00pm
Chief JudgeVolunteer
Athlete Checker UWASimon Egginton
MarkerHamersleyPaul Vogl (Luka Samuels)
RakeKingswayLouise Hill
RecorderHamersleyPaul OSullivan (by Nathan Pugh)
High Jump Flop 1 - 1:00pm-4:00pm
Chief JudgeInglewoodTammi Doyle
Bar ControlBayswaterMegan Purcell
RecorderBayswaterJasmine Rio Torto
High Jump Flop 2 - 1:00pm-4:00pm
Chief JudgeVolunteer
Bar ControlInglewoodKevin Doyle
RecorderInglewoodAkiko MacKay
Discus 1 - 2:00pm-End of Day
Chief JudgeHamersleyKerry Esquival
Implement ReturnInglewoodDamien Barrett
MarkerUWAJohn Hutton
RecorderRidgewoodKirsty Timms
Shot Put 1 - 2:15pm-End of Day
Chief JudgeHamersleyPeter Sinfield
Implement ReturnUWANicki Ivory
MarkerInglewoodTom Williams
RecorderInglewoodSarah Mendelawitz
Javelin 1 - 2:00pm-End of Day
Chief JudgeHamersleyJanice Parlongo
Implement ReturnInglewoodTroy Smith
MarkerSwan ValleyJohn Stephens
MarkerInglewoodAndrew Brown
RecorderKingswayAlicia Lamont
Track Referee - 2:30pm-End of Day
Track Referee - Short TrackKingswayMike Bawden
Track Referee - 2:15pm-End of Day
Track Referee - Long TrackRidgewoodMick Taig
Chief Officials (Track) - 2:15pm-End of Day
Chief TimekeepingKingswayWayne Collins
Chief Judge End of Track (Long and Short)Volunteer
Timekeepers (Long Track) - 2:15pm-End of Day
Laptop Recorder & Result UploadVolunteer
Manual Timer StopwatchHamersleyA. WILLIAMS
Manual Timer StopwatchRidgewoodScott Rolton
Manual Timer StopwatchVolunteer
Marshall End of TrackKingswayMarissa Scerri
Number ReaderRidgewoodDarren
Starters (Long Track) - 2:15pm-End of Day
Athlete Lane Placement - Start LineBayswaterHenrietta de Sa
Timekeepers (Short Track) - 2:30pm-End of Day
Laptop Recorder & Result UploadEastern HillsSherrilyn ShawCable-
Manual Timer StopwatchHamersleyGreg Clements
Manual Timer StopwatchUWAHelen Heller
Manual Timer StopwatchInglewoodJason Simpson
Marshall End of TrackBayswaterEllen Mangan
Starters (Short Track) - 2:30pm-End of Day
StarterRidgewoodPaul Phillips
RecallerSwan ValleyBrant Johnstone
Athlete Lane Placement - Start LineRidgewoodPaul Mann
Track Umpire (Short Track) - 2:30pm-End of Day
Track UmpireVolunteer
Track UmpireVolunteer
Track Umpire (Long Track) - 2:15pm-End of Day
Track UmpireVolunteer
Track UmpireVolunteer
Track UmpireVolunteer
Track UmpireVolunteer
Walks (Long Track) - 3:30pm-5:00pm
Walks Coordinator & Chief Walks JudgeBayswaterBev McCagh
Walks RecorderBayswaterElaine Scott
Walk JudgeKingswayJocelyn Patchett
Walk JudgeKingswaySerena Roberts
Walk JudgeInglewoodCarlee Prider (Freeman)
Walk JudgeInglewoodVeronica Smith
Walk JudgeInglewoodAmy Eva
Walk JudgeRidgewoodSamantha Curtis
Computer Recording (Office) - 2:30pm-End of Day
Chief Computer ManagerSwan ValleyKym McCabe
Data CheckerKingswayAnna Olivieri
Data Entry - Track KingswayDanni Dix
Data Entry - FieldKingswayHelen Hahn
Results Runner - End of TrackInglewoodDaphne Naussedat
Water Runner (Oval) - 2:00pm-5:30pm
Water RunnerUWAhugh McCaffrey
Water RunnerUWAKirsten Anastas
Canteen - 2:00pm-End of Day
Canteen HelperKingswayDonna Medrano
Canteen HelperUWAKellie Doolan
Canteen HelperRidgewoodMarlise Viljoen
Pack Up (Oval) - 3:30pm-6:00pm
Technical Manager (Pack Up Chief)JoondalupPhil Bossert
Pack Up (+ Sunday am)UWASteve ODea
Pack Up (+ Sunday am)UWASam van Niekerk
Pack Up (+ Sunday am)UWAGrant Prentice
Pack Up (+ Sunday am)JoondalupMatt Horan
Pack Up (+ Sunday am)RidgewoodNatalie Albonetti
Pack Up (+ Sunday am)UWAElizabeth Wallbank
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