Rosters for Sunday Morning on 28 Feb 2021

The morning session runs from before 8:00am to approximately 10:30am. Please check the roster for the specific times you are required.

You must provide your full name, a phone number, and the Centre you are affiliated with to volunteer for a roster.

Please email for any changes to the roster.

Event Directors (Office) - All Day
Competition Director 1RidgewoodMatthew Vine
Competition Director 2KingswayKylee McVee
Zones Co-OrdinatorUWADamon Hansen-Knarhoi
Deputy Zones Co-OrdinatorSwan ValleyStephen McCabe
Chief I.T.UWAChris Hazeldine
Set-Up (Oval) - 7:00am-8:00am
Technical Manager (Set Up Chief)JoondalupPhil Bossert
Set up (+ Sunday pm)UWASteve ODea
Set up (+ Sunday pm)UWASam van Niekerk
Set up (+ Sunday pm)UWAGrant Prentice
Set up (+ Sunday pm)JoondalupMatt Horan
Set up (+ Sunday pm)RidgewoodNatalie Albonetti
Set up (+ Sunday pm)UWAElizabeth Wallbank
Announcers & Rosters (Office) - 7:30am-10:00am
AnnouncerKingswaySienna Patchett
Roster Manager - DirectorJoondalupMicky Norris
Roster Manager - DirectorUWAStuart Moore
Roster CheckerHamersleyWendy Main (King)
Roster CheckerUWADan Macey
Call Room - 7:30am-10:00am
Call Room Chief JudgeRidgewoodKelly Taylor (Matt Vine)
Call Room - Track (Male)KingswayDeirdre Ronan
Call Room - Track (Female)JoondalupJanet medwin
Call Room - Field (Male)UWAJulia Minson
Call Room - Field (Female)UWAAlisha
Escorts (Call Room) - 7:30am-10:00am
Field EscortUWADavid Berg
Field EscortUWABlake Veverka
Field EscortJoondalupSanet Coetzee
Track EscortKingswayJoanna Smith
Track EscortInglewoodJacqueline Quinn-Smith
Track EscortJoondalupJerome Steyn
Field Clash Officers - 7:50am-10:00am
Chief Clash Officer - FieldKingswayAmanda Collins
Clash Officer (Oval)HamersleyVeronica Acuna (Bravo)
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupAnthea Mawson (kavanagh)
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupBen Merito (Narrier)
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupAndrew Davey
Track Clash Officers - 7:50am-10:00am
Chief Clash Officer - TrackRidgewoodKathryn Arthur
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupCindy Hoggart
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupTheresa McDonnell
Clash Officer (Oval)UWAVicci Malcolm
Clash Officer (Oval)RidgewoodGreg Moore
Field Referee - 7:30am-11:00am
Jumps RefereeKingswayPaul Arvidson
Jumps RefereeInglewoodJennifer Carter
Throws RefereeBayswaterEvan Crute
Throws RefereeBayswaterBev Mc Cagh
Long Jump 1 - 7:45am-10:45am
Chief JudgeUWATony Pekin
Athlete Checker RidgewoodMelita Masterman
MarkerUWASylvia Crosbie
RakeBayswaterTeddy Yalung
RecorderUWAKerry Burns
Long Jump 2 - 7:45am-10:45am
Chief JudgeHamersleyWendy Evans (Jouana)
Athlete Checker HamersleyGenevieve Fenlon
MarkerUWAStacey Spencer
RakeInglewoodKristen Johnson
RecorderInglewoodHeather Birk Wark
Triple Jump 1 - 8:00am-11:00am
Chief JudgeInglewoodSascha Gibbs
Athlete Checker UWAKate Buffham
MarkerKingswayWendy Woodgate
RakeUWAFleur Laginha
RecorderUWApeter buffham
Triple Jump 2 - 8:00am-11:00am
Chief JudgeVolunteer
Athlete Checker Eastern HillsKobi Duff
MarkerKingswayAaron Woodgate
RakeUWABrett Harris
RecorderUWASusan Petterson
High Jump Scissor 1 - 7:30am-11:00am
Chief JudgeInglewoodTammi Doyle
Bar ControlSwan ValleyTami Cooper
RecorderUWAJanelle Fleay
High Jump Flop 1 - 7:30am-11:00am
Chief JudgeVolunteer
Bar ControlRidgewoodFinah Wentholt
RecorderRidgewoodJacob Wentholt
Discus 1 - 7:30am-10:30am
Chief JudgeJoondalupNyree Marr
Implement ReturnKingswayJason Warburton
MarkerKingswayNathan Lake
RecorderBayswaterJasmine Rio Torto
Shot Put 1 - 7:45am-10:45am
Chief JudgeHamersleyBriana Bunce
Implement ReturnInglewoodTom Short
MarkerSwan ValleyMarc Lake
RecorderInglewoodCara Wong
Javelin 1 - 7:30am-10:30am
Chief JudgeEastern HillsCraig Harris
Implement ReturnInglewoodCarolyn Cairns
MarkerJoondalupNev jameson
MarkerInglewoodDavid Harrison
RecorderHamersleyBronwyn Alexander
Track Referee - 7:30am-10:00am
Track Referee - Short TrackKingswayMike Bawden
Track Referee - 7:30am-10:10am
Track Referee - Long TrackUWARyan Hathrill
Hurdles (Track) - 7:50am-11:00am
HurdlesInglewoodAlicia Dadleff
HurdlesJoondalupSteven Thompson
HurdlesUWARoss Middenway
HurdlesJoondalupErin Dunne
Chief Officials (Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
Chief TimekeepingKingswayWayne Collins
Chief Judge End of Track (Long and Short)UWALachlan Lidbury
Timekeepers (Long Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
Laptop Recorder & Result UploadKingswayJocelyn Patchett
Manual Timer StopwatchHamersleyShelley Heathcote
Manual Timer StopwatchKingswayTelisha Bawden
Manual Timer StopwatchUWABarry colgan
Marshall End of TrackInglewoodMichelle Rohrlach
Number ReaderHamersleyLeesa Moran
Starters (Long Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
StarterHamersleyChris Stansbury
RecallerInglewoodIris Belliot
Athlete Lane Placement - Start LineInglewoodTamara Tesic
Timekeepers (Short Track) - 7:50am-10:00am
Laptop Recorder & Result UploadJoondalupElize Gould
Manual Timer StopwatchKingswayLauren White
Manual Timer StopwatchRidgewoodKieran Reeve
Manual Timer StopwatchKingswayNadine Claassen
Marshall End of TrackRidgewoodVonnie Tichborne
Starters (Short Track) - 7:50am-10:00am
StarterUWAMatt Lyttle
RecallerHamersleyEric Towie
Athlete Lane Placement - Start LineInglewoodLeanne Borman
Track Umpire (Short Track) - 7:50am-10:00am
Track UmpireRidgewoodMariaan van Loggerenberg
Track UmpireRidgewoodMonica McCarthy
Track Umpire (Long Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
Track UmpireHamersleyZoe bowen
Track UmpireRidgewoodJane Mountford
Track UmpireRidgewoodJohn Osborne
Track UmpireKingswayAdrian Lehmann
Computer Recording (Office) - 7:50am-10:30am
Chief Computer ManagerSwan ValleyKym McCabe
Data CheckerKingswayAnna Olivieri
Data Entry - Track KingswayDanni Dix
Data Entry - FieldKingswayHelen Hahn
Results Runner - End of TrackJoondalupKristy Barnard
Water Runner (Oval) - 7:30am-10:00am
Water RunnerInglewoodClare Henville
Water RunnerRidgewoodMatthew king
Canteen - 7:30am-10:00am
Canteen HelperHamersleyTara Christides
Canteen HelperInglewoodAvril Thomson
Canteen HelperKingswayKahlia Wanless
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