Rosters for Saturday Morning on 27 Feb 2021

The morning session runs from before 8:00am to approximately 10:30am. Please check the roster for the specific times you are required.

You must provide your full name, a phone number, and the Centre you are affiliated with to volunteer for a roster.

Please email for any changes to the roster.

Event Directors (Office) - All Day
Competition Director 1RidgewoodMatthew Vine
Competition Director 2KingswayKylee McVee
Zones Co-OrdinatorUWADamon Hansen-Knarhoi
Chief I.T.UWAChris Hazeldine
Set-Up (Oval) - 5:30am-8:00am
Technical Manager (Set Up Chief)JoondalupPhil Bossert
Set up (+ Friday pm)KingswayMichelle and Damien Harbison
Set up (+ Friday pm)KingswayAnna and Russ Bradbury
Set up (+ Friday pm)UWA Lachlan Hynes
Set up (+ Saturday pm)InglewoodStephanie Hallen (Nichols)
Set up (+ Saturday pm)UWATeresa Leone
Set up (+ Saturday pm)UWAKate Reynolds
Set up (+ Saturday pm)HamersleyDavid Price
Announcers & Rosters (Office) - 7:30am-10:00am
AnnouncerKingswaySienna Patchett
Roster Manager - DirectorInglewoodAdam Scott
Roster Manager - DirectorHamersleyMelissa Malcolm-Smith
Roster CheckerHamersleyErika Porter
Roster CheckerUWAAndrea Gilbey
Call Room 7:30am-10:00am
Call Room Chief JudgeUWATracy Martin
Call Room - Track (Male)JoondalupJanet Medwin
Call Room - Track (Female)UWAClaire OMalley
Call Room - Field (Male)RidgewoodKelly Taylor (Matt Vine)
Call Room - Field (Female)HamersleyRebecca gabbitus
Escorts (Call Room) - 7:30am-10:00am
Track EscortHamersleyKaren Passmore
Track EscortHamersleyKristy Dickson (Luka Samuels)
Track EscortHamersleyJane Toomey (Davidson)
Field EscortInglewoodClare Henville
Field EscortHamersleyPaul Russell
Field EscortHamersleyJade Gorton
Field Clash Officers - 7:50am-10:00am
Chief Clash Officer - FieldKingswayAmanda Collins
Clash Officer (Oval)KingswayRyan Spence
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupMarie Arthy
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupDanie Coetzee
Clash Officer (Oval)RidgewoodVonnie Tichborne
Track Clash Officers - 7:50am-10:00am
Chief Clash Officer - TrackUWAPhil Curtis
Clash Officer (Oval)KingswayCaroline Pastina (Hollie)
Clash Officer (Oval)BayswaterFiona Oswald
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupJohanna Rayner
Clash Officer (Oval)JoondalupGary Hoggart
Field Referee - 7:30am-11:00am
Jumps RefereeKingswayPaul Arvidson
Jumps RefereeKingswayMelody Velthuysen
Throws RefereeBayswaterEvan Crute
Throws RefereeBayswaterBev Mc Cagh
Long Jump 1 - 7:45am-10:45am
Chief JudgeHamersleyKellie Ketteringham
Athlete CheckerInglewoodKarl Weber
MarkerHamersleyChristo Van Rensburg
RakeHamersleyKristy-Ann Kirby-Smith
RecorderUWAPieter Poot
Long Jump 2 - 7:45am-10:45am
Chief JudgeSwan ValleyNaomi Buckley
Athlete Checker UWAShane Addis
MarkerUWAAdrian Jones
RakeHamersleyBeck Bennett
RecorderKingswayAlex clark
Triple Jump 1 - 8:00am-11:00am
Chief JudgeKingswayClaudia Klassen
Athlete Checker InglewoodJoanna Mort
MarkerInglewoodNicole Hooker
RakeHamersleyRomina Haigh
RecorderUWAVivi Constantine
High Jump Scissor 1 - 7:30am-11:00am
Chief JudgeRidgewoodJacob Wentholt
Bar ControlUWAAlex Pallis
RecorderUWAMurray Gilbey
High Jump Flop 1 - 7:30am-11:00am
Chief JudgeBayswaterAndrew Graham Parkinson
Bar ControlSwan ValleyJohn O’Reilly
RecorderKingswayNeil Norris
Discus 1 - 7:30am-10:30am
Chief JudgeSwan ValleyNaomi Bates
Implement ReturnHamersleyKeira Robinson
MarkerInglewoodBrad Smith - (QUINN-SMITH)
RecorderInglewoodClaire Sardelich
Shot Put 1 - 7:45am-10:45am
Chief JudgeInglewoodAshton Eva
Implement ReturnHamersleyAdam Passmore
MarkerUWARussell Barker
RecorderUWANathan Blumenthal
Javelin 1 - 7:30am-10:30am
Chief JudgeJoondalupKristy Barnard
Implement ReturnHamersleyGordon McNeill
MarkerJoondalupEmma L Broughton
MarkerUWAJason Battaglia
RecorderUWAScott Fraser
Track Referee - 7:30am-10:00am
Track Referee - Short TrackKingswayMike Bawden
Track Referee - 7:30am-10:10am
Track Referee - Long TrackUWARyan Hathrill
Hurdles (Track) - 7:50am-11:00am
HurdlesInglewoodRegina Eccleston-Wirth
HurdlesJoondalupKerry Steyn
HurdlesJoondalupAubrey Steyn
HurdlesJoondalupMox Sallie
Chief Officials (Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
Chief TimekeepingKingswayWayne Collins
Chief Judge End of Track (Long and Short)RidgewoodDennis O’Dene
Timekeepers (Long Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
Laptop Recorder & Result UploadKingswayJocelyn Patchett
Manual Timer StopwatchUWAKirsten Anastas
Manual Timer StopwatchUWAKatharine Mchenry
Manual Timer StopwatchUWAInge Cooper
Marshall End of TrackHamersleyCarolyn Gray
Number ReaderUWAMairead DawsonODonnell
Starters (Long Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
StarterHamersleyMatt Pomery
RecallerUWAClaire Oshea
Athlete Lane Placement - Start LineInglewoodJill Valli
Timekeepers (Short Track) - 7:50am-10:00am
Laptop Recorder & Result UploadHamersleyNarelle Pugh
Manual Timer StopwatchRidgewoodKieran Reeve
Manual Timer StopwatchInglewoodMichael Icanovski
Manual Timer StopwatchInglewoodSally Conduit
Marshall End of TrackUWAJoseph Romeo
Starters (Short Track) - 7:50am-10:00am
StarterJoondalupDaniel Stolp
RecallerUWAVictoria Cohen
Athlete Lane Placement - Start LineBayswaterShana Eusebio
Track Umpire (Short Track) - 7:50am-10:00am
Track UmpireHamersleyTroy Creyk
Track UmpireJoondalupKristan Bonser
Track Umpire (Long Track) - 7:50am-10:10am
Track UmpireEastern HillsAndrew Good
Track UmpireInglewoodMichelle Rohrlach
Track UmpireInglewoodMichelle Teasdale
Track UmpireJoondalupPippa Joyce
Computer Recording (Office) - 7:50am-10:30am
Chief Computer ManagerSwan ValleyKym McCabe
Data CheckerKingswayAnna Olivieri
Data Entry - Track KingswayDanni Dix
Data Entry - FieldKingswayHelen hahn
Results Runner - End of TrackInglewoodsandy wainwright
Water Runner (Oval) - 7:50am-10:00am
Water RunnerHamersleyron cole
Water RunnerHamersleyPamela Haughton
Canteen - 7:30am-10:00am
Canteen HelperHamersleyPaul Robinson
Canteen HelperRidgewoodLydiane Kehoe
Canteen HelperRidgewoodLouise Pakau
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