Rosters for Twilight 3 on 22 Jan 2021

Please email for any changes to the roster.
Canteen 4pm-6.30pm
Parent helperButlerMatt King
Parent helperClarksonJoel Reeve
Parent helperQuinns RockMichelle Lothain
Parent helperYanchepCarrie Moss
Canteen 6.30pm-9pm
Parent helperButlerLombardi
Parent helperMindarieVolunteer
Parent helperQuinns RockJo Woolley
Parent helperYanchepVolunteer
Site Officials - Scissor 1
Chief OfficialButlerShane Callan
Site Officials - Scissor 2
Chief OfficialClarksonBrad Warburton
Site Officials - Fosbury 1
Chief OfficialButlerVolunteer
Site OfficialButlerAmy Burton
Site Officials - Fosbury 2
Chief OfficialYanchepKathryn Arthur
Site OfficialYanchepVolunteer
Site Officials - Fosbury 3
Chief OfficialMindarieDaan Nel
Site OfficialMindarieJason Hockey
Site Officials - Jump Pit 1
Chief OfficialMindarieLaura Bassett
Site OfficialMindarieJoey Ellis
Site Officials - Jump Pit 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockMariaan Van Loggernberg
Site OfficialQuinns RockSam Gibson
Site Officials - Jump Pit 3
Chief OfficialMindarieKirsty Timms
Site OfficialMindarieNick Williams
Site Officials - Jump Pit 4
Chief OfficialYanchepVolunteer
Site OfficialYanchepLisa McQuoid
Site Officials - Jump Pit 5
Chief OfficialButlerRuth Ford
Site OfficialButlerStephanie parr
Site Officials - Jump Pit 6
Chief OfficialClarksonKylie
Site OfficialClarksonDale
Site Officials - Discus 1
Chief OfficialButlerSean Kehoe
Site OfficialButlerStacey Rolton
Site Officials - Discus 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockSharon Lynch
Site OfficialQuinns RockJen Dwyer
Site Officials - Shot 1
Chief OfficialYanchepVolunteer
Site OfficialYanchepVonnie Tichborne
Site Officials - Shot 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockSandra Musson
Site OfficialQuinns RockJuanita Pitout
Site Officials - Javelin 1
Chief OfficialMindarieJeff Woodman
Site OfficialMindarieJordan Woodman
Site Officials - Javelin 2
Chief OfficialButlerVyonne Heteraka
Site OfficialButlerLisa Putman / Khatabi
U6 Boys
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockCharlotte Gilks
Age Group OfficialYanchepKellie
U6 Girls
Age Group OfficialYanchepVicki delaney
Age Group OfficialClarksonAimee
U7 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerAlexis Clark - satiu
Age Group OfficialYanchepClare Goeree
U7 Girls
Age Group OfficialYanchepChannice conder
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockKarlie Barnes
U8 Boys
Age Group OfficialClarksonAmanda
Age Group OfficialClarksonVolunteer
U8 Girls
Age Group OfficialMindarieDavid Brown
Age Group OfficialClarksonWarburton
U9 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerDean Barton
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockJane Wynne
Age Group OfficialButlerDamita nikora (bronz Mum)
Age Group OfficialMindarieSandra Rothmaier
U9 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerHazel Blake
Age Group OfficialButlerLouise Pakau
Age Group OfficialClarksonJane
Age Group OfficialClarksonJasmine
U10 Boys
Age Group OfficialYanchepCaroline Murray
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockSarah Craig
U10 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonVolunteer
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockRoss Stephens
U11 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerLara Clark
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockBrett OCallaghan
Age Group OfficialClarksonShaun
Age Group OfficialButlerLena Barnes
U11 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerEmma Furey / Tica
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockDanielle OConnor
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockPolly Burnett
Age Group OfficialButlerVolunteer
U12 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerManzoli
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockMichael Williams
U12 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonDarren Elsdon
Age Group OfficialYanchepMaria Flamini
U13 Boys
Age Group OfficialMindarieBeate Olivier
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockKim Coss
U13 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonVolunteer
Age Group OfficialYanchepVolunteer
U14-17 Boys
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockPeter Zahos
Age Group OfficialYanchepVolunteer
Age Group OfficialMindarieJason Young
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockCaroline Parry
U14-17 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonCarmen
Age Group OfficialMindarieNatalie Oakes
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockKaren Taylor
Age Group OfficialMindarieAnna Kilgallon