Rosters for Twilight 2 on 15 Jan 2021

Please email for any changes to the roster.
Canteen 4pm-6.30pm
Parent helperButlerHALL
Parent helperClarksonDanielle
Parent helperQuinns RockJohn Osborne
Parent helperYanchepFaye Farrell
Canteen 6.30pm-9pm
Parent helperButlerKristy Parkinson
Parent helperMindarieLouise Mann
Parent helperQuinns RockPeter Zahos
Parent helperYanchepVolunteer
Site Officials - Scissor 1
Chief OfficialButlerBo Foot
Site Officials - Scissor 2
Chief OfficialClarksonCarmen
Site Officials - Fosbury 1
Chief OfficialButlerApril Callan
Site OfficialButlerStephanie Parr
Site Officials - Fosbury 2
Chief OfficialYanchepKathryn Arthur
Site OfficialYanchepLisa McQuoid
Site Officials - Fosbury 3
Chief OfficialMindarieAdrian van der Westhuizen
Site OfficialMindarieCallum James
Site Officials - Jump Pit 1
Chief OfficialMindarieJeff Woodman
Site OfficialMindarieCarin Woodman
Site Officials - Jump Pit 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockKarlie Barnes
Site OfficialQuinns RockMichelle Myring
Site Officials - Jump Pit 3
Chief OfficialMindarieNicole James
Site OfficialMindarieLaura Bassett
Site Officials - Jump Pit 4
Chief OfficialYanchepKatie Elkington
Site OfficialYanchepMirela Meakins
Site Officials - Jump Pit 5
Chief OfficialButlerShane Callan
Site OfficialButlerTaylor
Site Officials - Jump Pit 6
Chief OfficialClarksonKylie
Site OfficialClarksonDorota
Site Officials - Discus 1
Chief OfficialButlerAneti Ackerman
Site OfficialButlerPetia
Site Officials - Discus 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockSharon Lynch
Site OfficialQuinns RockSamantha Gibson
Site Officials - Shot 1
Chief OfficialYanchepGeraldine white
Site OfficialYanchepVonnie Tichborne
Site Officials - Shot 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockMariaan Van Loggernberg
Site OfficialQuinns RockNatasha Roberts
Site Officials - Javelin 1
Chief OfficialMindarieJason Young
Site OfficialMindarieKane Pittard
Site Officials - Javelin 2
Chief OfficialButlerMatthew King
Site OfficialButlerLena Barnes
U6 Boys
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockSandra Musson
Age Group OfficialYanchepSam
U6 Girls
Age Group OfficialYanchepMaria Flamini
Age Group OfficialClarksonShannon
U7 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerHolly Gray
Age Group OfficialYanchepCaroline Murray
U7 Girls
Age Group OfficialYanchepAshlee Phelps
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockMichelle Booth
U8 Boys
Age Group OfficialClarksonJoy
Age Group OfficialClarksonAimee
U8 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonSarah
Age Group OfficialMindarieTamara Young
U9 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerEtchells
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockVici Dickson
Age Group OfficialButlerHeteraka
Age Group OfficialMindarieBronwyn Young
U9 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerLiz Rome
Age Group OfficialButlerLouise Pakau
Age Group OfficialClarksonJasmine
Age Group OfficialClarksonJane
U10 Boys
Age Group OfficialYanchepEmma Dungan
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockJodie Williamson
U10 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonMuna
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockErin Power
U11 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerHazel Blake
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockStacee Smith
Age Group OfficialClarksonAmanda
Age Group OfficialButlerChapman
U11 Girls
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockGlenn Britten
Age Group OfficialButlerMuncaster
Age Group OfficialButlerVolunteer
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockMelissa Millett
U12 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerMelita Masterman
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockGreg Moore
U12 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonDarren
Age Group OfficialYanchepVolunteer
U13 Boys
Age Group OfficialMindarieDougal Simper
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockKim Coss
U13 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonShaun
Age Group OfficialYanchepVolunteer
U14-17 Boys
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockGavin Cope
Age Group OfficialYanchepMonika McCarthy
Age Group OfficialMindarieJody Hockey
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockJo Woolley
U14-17 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonDale
Age Group OfficialMindarieAnna Kilgallon
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockNina Khlopper
Age Group OfficialMindarieAnina van der Westhuizen