Rosters for Program 2. Centre Multi-Day 2 (Field Relay Team Qualifier) on 14 Nov 2020

Please email for any changes to the roster.
Canteen 7am-10am
Parent helperButlerClark satiu
Parent helperClarksonJane (Savannah)
Parent helperQuinns RockMichelle Lothain
Parent helperYanchepKate Torrance
Canteen 10am-1pm
Parent helperButlerClarke
Parent helperMindarieMarlise Viljoen
Parent helperQuinns RockNina Khlopper
Parent helperYanchepMichelle Walcot
Site Officials - Scissor 1
Chief OfficialButlerFoot
Site Officials - Scissor 2
Chief OfficialClarksonMain
Site Officials - Fosbury 1
Chief OfficialButlerBarnes
Site OfficialButlerEtchells
Site Officials - Fosbury 2
Chief OfficialYanchepKathryn Arthur
Site OfficialYanchepMaria flamini
Site Officials - Fosbury 3
Chief OfficialMindarieAdrian van der Westhuizen
Site OfficialMindarieLaura Bassett
Site Officials - Jump Pit 1
Chief OfficialMindarieJeff Woodman
Site OfficialMindarieTamara Young
Site Officials - Jump Pit 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockKarlie Barnes
Site OfficialQuinns RockVici Dickson
Site Officials - Jump Pit 3
Chief OfficialMindariePaul Mann
Site OfficialMindarieTrevor Shelley
Site Officials - Jump Pit 4
Chief OfficialYanchepCarrie Moss
Site OfficialYanchepLisa McQuoid
Site Officials - Jump Pit 5
Chief OfficialButlerCallan
Site OfficialButlerTaylor
Site Officials - Jump Pit 6
Chief OfficialClarksonKylie
Site OfficialClarksonNatalie
Site Officials - Discus 1
Chief OfficialButlerACKERMAN
Site OfficialButlerBlake
Site Officials - Discus 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockDarren Fisher
Site OfficialQuinns RockJo Woolley
Site Officials - Shot 1
Chief OfficialYanchepMcCarthy
Site OfficialYanchepJulie Otremba
Site Officials - Shot 2
Chief OfficialQuinns RockSandra Musson
Site OfficialQuinns RockMariaan Van Loggernberg
Site Officials - Javelin 1
Chief OfficialMindarieJason Young
Site OfficialMindariePaul Dawson
Site Officials - Javelin 2
Chief OfficialButlerhetaraka
Site OfficialButlerParkinson
U6 Boys
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockStacee Smith
Age Group OfficialYanchepSam
U6 Girls
Age Group OfficialYanchepNina Ranatora
Age Group OfficialClarksonAleea
U7 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerCallan
Age Group OfficialYanchepClare Goeree
U7 Girls
Age Group OfficialYanchepAshlee Phelps
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockMichelle Booth
U8 Boys
Age Group OfficialClarksonJamie
Age Group OfficialClarksonJoy
U8 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonAimee
Age Group OfficialMindarieDavid Brown
U9 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerLombari
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockMichelle Myring
Age Group OfficialButlerHolden
Age Group OfficialMindarieSandra Rothmaier
U9 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerStables
Age Group OfficialButlerRome
Age Group OfficialClarksonBalray
Age Group OfficialClarksonJess Murray
U10 Boys
Age Group OfficialYanchepPhil Burns
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockJohn Osborne
U10 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonArangi
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockErin Power
U11 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerBarnes
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockAmy Greatbanks
Age Group OfficialClarksonJess Berry (partner)
Age Group OfficialButlerChapman
U11 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerMuncaster
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockDanielle OConnor
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockPolly Burnett
Age Group OfficialButlerHoeksema
U12 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerMasterman
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockAmy Greatbanks
U12 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonVolunteer
Age Group OfficialYanchepWhite
U13 Boys
Age Group OfficialMindarieDale webb
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockChris Smith
U13 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonVolunteer
Age Group OfficialYanchepTenielle Brock
U14-17 Boys
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockRoss Stephens
Age Group OfficialYanchepVonnie Tichborne
Age Group OfficialMindarieLouise Mann
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockSue Cope
U14-17 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonCarmen
Age Group OfficialMindarieGavin Kilgallon
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockJane Wynne
Age Group OfficialMindarieNatalie Oakes