Rosters for Opening Day (Relay Team Qualifier) on 17 Oct 2020

Please email for any changes to the roster.
Canteen 7am-10am
Parent helperYanchepGeraldine White
Parent helperButlerHazel Blake
Parent helperClarksonJoy Anthony
Parent helperQuinnsSue Cope
Canteen 10am-1pm
Parent helperButlerElaine Stables
Parent helperMindarieNatalie Oakes
Parent helperQuinnsClair Conroy
Parent helperYanchepKatie Elkington
Site Officials - Jump Pit 3
Chief OfficialMindarieNicole James
Site OfficialMindariePaul Mann
Site Officials - Jump Pit 4
Chief OfficialYanchepClare Goeree
Site OfficialYanchepBurns
Site Officials - Jump Pit 5
Chief OfficialButlerRuth Ford
Site OfficialButlerBo Lee
Site Officials - Jump Pit 6
Chief OfficialClarksonKylie Hatchett
Site OfficialClarksonShannon
Site Officials - Discus 1
Chief OfficialButlerShane Callan
Site OfficialButlerMatthew King
Site Officials - Discus 2
Chief OfficialQuinnsSharon Lynch
Site OfficialQuinnsMelissa Millett
Site Officials - Shot 1
Chief OfficialYanchepMcCarthy
Site OfficialYanchepTenielle Brock
Site Officials - Shot 2
Chief OfficialQuinnsHelen Chen
Site OfficialQuinnsSandra Musson
Site Officials - Javelin 1
Chief OfficialMindarieJeff Woodman
Site OfficialMindarieGavin Kilgallon
Site Officials - Javelin 2
Chief OfficialButlerVyonne Hetaraka
Site OfficialButlerKatina Muncaster
U6 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerAmy Burton
Age Group OfficialYanchepSamantha
U6 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerStephanie Parr
Age Group OfficialClarksonDanielle Malone
U7 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerApril Callan
Age Group OfficialYanchepCaroline Murray
U7 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerLydiane Kehoe
Age Group OfficialQuinnsKarlie Barnes
U8 Boys
Age Group OfficialClarksonMichelle
Age Group OfficialYanchepKathryn Arthur
U8 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerTroman
Age Group OfficialMindarieTamara Young
U9 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerHolden family
Age Group OfficialQuinnsJane Wynne
U9 Girls
Age Group OfficialQuinnsMariaan Van Loggerenberh
Age Group OfficialYanchepMirella Meakins
U10 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerLouise Pakau
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockJohn Osborne
U10 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonArangi Rota
Age Group OfficialQuinnsKaren Smith
U11 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerClarke family
Age Group OfficialQuinns RockAmy Greatbanks
U11 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerEmma Furey
Age Group OfficialQuinnsProlly Burnett
U12 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerMasterman family
Age Group OfficialQuinnsJarrad Padilla
U12 Girls
Age Group OfficialMindarieAnina van der Westhuizen
Age Group OfficialQuinnsNatasha Roberts
U13 Boys
Age Group OfficialButlerChapman
Age Group OfficialQuinnsKim Coss
U13 Girls
Age Group OfficialButlerAneti Ackerman
Age Group OfficialYanchepKate Torrance
U14-15 Boys
Age Group OfficialQuinnsCaroline Parry
Age Group OfficialYanchepCarrie Moss
U14-15 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonCarmen
Age Group OfficialMindarieAnna Kilgallon
U16-17 Boys
Age Group OfficialClarksonWarburton
Age Group OfficialQuinnsBec Wainwright
U16-17 Girls
Age Group OfficialClarksonDale
Age Group OfficialMindarieAdrian van der Westhuizen