Rosters for Program A on 17th October 2020

If you need to change a roster please email

Equipment Set Up - 6:30am Start
Parent HelpJustin Horton
Parent Help Mox
Parent HelpLaura McGrath
Parent HelpRobbie Birch
Parent HelpAubrey Steyn
Parent HelpElize Gould
Announcer 8am to 11am- JoondalupVolunteer
Equipment Pack Away - 10:30am at announcer
Parent HelpAnton Mennie
Parent HelpJo Harper
Parent HelpLindsay Hyder
Parent HelpRandeep Jabbal
Parent HelpGeorgie Mcculloch
Parent HelpJo Boonzaaier
Track Starting
Short Track StarterVolunteer
Trainee Starter - Short TrackVolunteer
Long Track StarterVolunteer
Trainee Starter - Long TrackVolunteer
Track Timekeeping
Recorder - Short TrackJulie hill
Assistant Recorder - Short TrackLisa Stickels
Recorder - Long TrackVolunteer
Assistant Recorder - Long TrackMarie Arthy
Arena ManagerVolunteer
First Aid OfficerPat ODonnell
Field Data Entry
Recorder - ClubroomsLisa Thompson
Recorder - ClubroomsKim Ryan
14+ Boys
CoordinatorJamie Shaxted
Parent HelpCarrie Parry
Parent HelpDeon Keet
Parent HelpTara Houston
14+ Girls
Parent HelpDi Thorby
Parent HelpDawn Fogg
Parent HelpJulie Fisher
13 Boys
CoordinatorBec Carstairs
Parent HelpNatalie Hay
Parent HelpWill C
Parent HelpVolunteer
13 Girls
Parent HelpLeanne Ramsay
Parent HelpBillie Rowbotham
Parent Helpterry kavanagh
12 Boys
CoordinatorBrodie Fuentes
Parent HelpGary Hoggart
Parent HelpGlenn Davey
Parent HelpVolunteer
12 Girls
Parent HelpTracy Clarke
Parent HelpCarinna Porter-Rudd
Parent HelpChrista Wolmarans
11 Boys
CoordinatorNyree Marr
Parent HelpChrissie or Nick Mason-Walshaw
Parent HelpKristy
Parent HelpCarla Horan
11 Girls
CoordinatorMakeisha Bleus
Parent HelpKristy Barnard
Parent HelpAngela overy
Parent HelpKatie Dow
10 Boys
CoordinatorMicky Norris
Parent HelpCaimi Dearden
Parent HelpRobert Sokol
Parent HelpKirsta Docherty
10 Girls
CoordinatorTyla Gough
Parent HelpVirginia Foreman
Parent HelpKatie Daniels
Parent HelpSarah Hennessey
9 Boys
CoordinatorNatalie Rizvi
Parent HelpKnoesen
Parent HelpJay medwin
Parent HelpKeval
9 Girls
CoordinatorRia Merito
Parent HelpLisa kelso
Parent HelpLinsey Navias
Parent HelpJuan Koen
8 Boys
CoordinatorAnthea Mawson
Parent HelpKevin van der kwast
Parent HelpLisa Bagier
Parent HelpBen Dow
8 Girls
CoordinatorTroy Arnold
Parent HelpJanet medwin
Parent HelpCorinna Thursby
Parent HelpNeil Bennett
7 Boys
CoordinatorIan Harvey
Parent HelpClaire/Darryn Knoesen
Parent HelpClare McGrath
Parent HelpRobbie Birch
7 Girls
CoordinatorGemma Keyes
Parent HelpTim gunn
Parent HelpRebecca Schelfhout
Parent HelpMichael van der kwast
6 Boys & Girls
CoordinatorMiranda Webley
Parent HelpLisa Horton
Parent HelpVolunteer
Parent HelpKerry Steyn
Parent HelpKeren Segon